Ok I must be late right? This past summer I spent time at vintage pop ups, vintage apparel events, vintage stores, vintage allys, basically anything with the word vintage attached.

What is vintage?  To me vintage is anything that feels right, that song that reminds you of the best day you ever had or that smell your nose randomly picks up that instantly brings you to your grandmother's kitchen.
Here is google's definition of vintage:

the year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced.
relating to or denoting wine of high quality.

Ok so basically anything that gets better with time, wine improves with age right? wrong.
Believe it or not wine does have an expiration date unlike vintage.
Vintage is forever because it is a feeling, you can't kill the feeling of the best time you ever had.
When these feelings are interpreted through a shirt or any other garment it is hard to put an expiration date on it.
Imagine this.... Your young, your favorite band is coming to YOUR home town, you can't believe your parents are allowing you to be there! They sell shirts at said event commemorating this very moment in life, event ends, shirts sold out, fast forward 13 years your at your favorite local vintage pop up and this shirt from THAT moment appears on the rack, can you put a price on that?
To me this is vintage, It's amazing! blast from the past/museum/fashion all in one, couldn't ask for anything better.
I highly encourage anyone who has not experienced this form of shopping to do so immediately!

VINTAGE for life at this point.

Stay Humble. Stay Hungry. Stay Quiet.




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