More Sinning, More Winning.

 A Sin.Bible DSGM link up always generates a dope outcome.

Shooting in film gives an un-matched vibe in my opinion, as said in the previous Feature Presentation blog. Something about limited shots and processing film afterwards gives these shoots more of an edge.

Sin.Bible has graciously worked with the DS brand for what feels like years now. Bringing a humble creative mind to each shoot he has brought the brands visuals to top tier level. From the first shoot at the gladstone which sparked a collab drop such a sin to the infamous dodgy laundromat shoot which made the cover of the first DSGM Street Survival magazine it has been proven each time working with him is far from a sin.

 On this adventure we shot sh*t up at a local magazine rack showcasing none other than the street survival magazine. A great read this magazine is filled with limited & exclusive DSGM drops, its highly recommended you grab your copy…. like yesterday.

With a connection like this there will be definitely be more shoots to come. Until then grab your book of worship, keep winning & keep sinning.


*Such a sin collab drop available online in the sas collection

*Street survival magazine available in online catalog

*Feature presentation blog available in online word on the street section

*Mind blown hoodie available in online catalog


Stay humble. Stay hungry. Stay quiet.



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