The Future

 If you don't know Pvstlife by now you live under a rock... Deep under a rock.
On top of being outside all summer participating in pop ups across the city DSGM along side Pvstlife where staple brands every Sunday at Apparel Plugs.
@BobbyBrugal another creative mind behind this amazing brand makes each PL drop a must have.

*PL founder @bobbybrugal & DSGM founder @bigpyrexx

Both DSGM & Pvstlife founders have roots in music, with culture deeply embedded in everything materialized whether it be garments, audio, visuals or just straight up raw art.
Working together they curated a brand album FULLY VAXXED coming early January. This is not something to be missed!

One of the first singles off of the album entitled Bake Sale prompted a video filled with Hennessy and a bakery.
In the video DSGM & PL run a bakery named Fully Baked, with custom uniforms all the way down to the apron & chef's hats you would think they really kneed dough out the spot.
Limited Fully Baked merch with the now all recognizable FB logo; A High Loaf of bread gripping a DSGM money bag is fully active in the BAKE SALE collection online.

With all this content its safe to stay connected.

Stay Humble. Stay Hungry. Stay Quiet.


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